JandC Event LLC started when I moved to the heartland, or buckeye state as most refer to it as, to marry the love of my life.  I had no resources, connections and wasn’t associated nor had any knowledge of vendors or groups to reach out to; in order to plan a wedding in less than a year! Yes, less than a year; which I kept hearing couldn’t be done and was going to cost a small fortune.  “Good luck with the venue and a dress, HA they said, impossible”! Well, the naysayers were wrong! Not only did I coordinate, budget, and have the wedding of our dreams without costing us a down payment on a house or starting our married life in severe debt, I somehow still managed to even keep my sanity. 😊 


Hence, bringing forth the idea to become a legitimized business in the heart of Northern, Ohio. JandC Event provides full-service event planning with customized pricing to fit your needs and take the stress off of you! SO YOU ARE ABLE TO CELEBRATE, while we coordinate.  I have an exclusive and extensive vendor list, will assist in setting up and cleaning up, run errands for you and be the primary contact for any occasion; did I mention added discounts with select vendors and NO Rental Fees! This is a brief description on what I would like to assist you with; as I know firsthand how difficult it can be balancing family, work, friends and event coordinating.  Allow me to provide you with services that will create your perfect occasion and lasting memories you are actually a part of, instead of missing them.

Contact me, Cassie and LET’S GET PLANNING!


By Phone~ 419-217-0469

*Office and Travel Meetings are available by Appointment Only*